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Of course, I do not advise you to drive in the neck to the chest during the warm-up approaches – it is dangerous. I’m talking about the period when you go to the scales from mild to severe.

That’s when you’ll need a fairly aggressive in this simple movement. Place the barbell on the floor carefully. Do not drop it, Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts even if the rubber coated wheels or you’re working on the platform.

Avoid impacts, which are very traumatic for the shoulders and elbows especially. Everyone survived the trauma of the elbow, knows how it hurts and how to limit the mobility of the hand.

As soon as the bar touches the chest, linger a while in this position – this technique will add you strength and make exercise safer. By controlling the movement, lower the bar to the floor and prepare for the next repetition.

Many people, especially those who train with rubber wheels on the bar, have a habit to beat the shell from the floor in hopes to secure a better start. Not to do so, as thereby not adequately stress the muscles and ligaments that work at the site of the amplitude.

And sooner or later it will negatively affect your progress. In addition, having beaten the causes rounding back, but because of it you will not be able to maintain the necessary tension throughout the body.