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The region of which I speak, extending from the shoulders to the bottom of the glutamate muscles (of course, the muscles of the lower back muscles overlap its middle, and exactly the same overlap is present in the shoulder girdle).

“King” of the region is the simulations Isidor. Some outstanding athletes, they are huge, Introduction to Kyle Leon and unfold like wings. Younger muscle here – this is the infrastructures (small circular muscles that lie behind the shoulder blades), toothed muscle, the supranational, scapulars, intercontinental, back, ilia rib, long and rhomboid muscles (these anatomical detail for those who like such things).

But in fact, working through the simulations dorsi, you load all the others. Also, get their share of the load the muscles of the rotators cuff – an important point to be taken into account when compiling the program. My favorite exercise for the middle of the back – pull rod in the slope. They are directly loaded areas of personal interest and require large scale work – just what I need.

The study of linkage rod in the slope should be treated the same as all other basic exercises: start slowly, learn the proper technique, build a solid base, and only then begin to lift weights. This is especially important if you find yourself in the middle of the signs of a significant lag behind so for the first time, do 3 sets and the next day listen to your feelings.