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To capture the width of the latter approach may be a little wider than lifting a barbell on his chest. This is perfectly acceptable. Narrowing the grip on the approach to the approach, you load the muscles in different ways, which is very good indeed.

Now lock the back: it should be flat, parallel to the floor, Who is Kyle Leon? and in any case, not rounded. I found that the best way to ensure such a situation – is to keep the blade and lock them into position. If you can make a flat upper back, everything else happens by itself.

But if you concentrate on keeping upright only the lower back, the top of it with increasing weight of the rod is almost guaranteed to be rounded. Look down, not up. Make sure that the entire body, from head to toe, stressful, and pull the bar to your chest until it touches the nipples.

At the stage of studying the technique of pulling gently, when you feel more confident, and the form will improve, start to work more dynamically. Fires a vulture in the chest or at least try with significant weights will be difficult to even touch the chest, but if you work in an explosive manner, it will be able to raise the bar higher and with more weight than at a slow pace.