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Only by creating a sufficient basis in these areas, you can switch to the other. To back this point of support are trapezoid. Their strength is not just important, but vital when doing any kind of sport.

The most severe injuries occur in the upper back, often literally paralyzed athlete. Avoid them, becoming the owner of really strong trapezoids. One day, 100% money back guarantee during the per-season training, I began to notice the players a football team that some of them when performing squats and heavy rods lean forward and round is back at the top of the amplitude.

At first I thought they were derelict in bending forward with a barbell on your shoulders, because many cannot bear this heavy exercise. But after the athletes have shown me their training record with the results of this movement, I realized that the reason affecting the shape was not the weakness of the lower back. Closer look closely, I found that the problem lay in the lack of development of mid-back: building capacity of up and down slowly left her behind.

To remedy the situation, I wanted to change a training program by inserting there are some exercises on the region and giving them priority. The middle of the back is just as important for athletes as the top and bottom. In many sports, which use a different kind of skid plates, it is still open, and injuries can be severe.