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Pulling up to the bar wide grip lat great shape and all the muscles in the middle of the back, loading them a little differently. As in the previous exercise, just pull up to his chest.

Given that a high number of repetitions of this exercise do not threaten the majority of practicing, I recommend four sets in the maximum number of repetitions. There are exercise machines, in which you pull laden neck standing up, almost like the rods in the rod slope, or lying on an incline bench. see evidence here

The first version of me much more to their liking, I do not like exercise for the middle of the back, where you are lying on a bench, take off the weight of the stops, throwing up his hands to the sides, and completing approach must again return them to the place.

It’s just a bad design: the muscles are tired and so weight should not be more or twisted. This is a clear failure of the creator. One of these simulators without my knowledge was purchased for the gym at Johns Hopkins University, and for the next two weeks, about six athletes have received it back injury. visit this link

If there are good trainers, can use them to work in a low number of repetitions, as the key to the exercises but I prefer to work in the simulator a high number of repetitions, as the role of basic exercises avert my tie rods rod in the slope or jerk tie rods.