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I performed aerobic work after weight training and on weekends, sometimes even twice a day. In my diet was not unusual. I excluded bread, dairy products, simple sugars, fruits and fruit juices. Besides, I never mixed fats and carbohydrates per meal.

I have limited reception starchy carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes eat these foods only in the morning and after training. Before going to bed tried something light, low in carbohydrates. The training program has not changed at all, and I am pleased to report that weight decreased only in the exercises for the chest. Who is Kyle Leon? http://www.somanabolicmusclemaximizereviewscam.com/

Soon, my metabolism is quite unwound. I was always hungry, but ate quite a lot – 4-5 solid meals a day plus 3-4 servings’ meal replacement or a mixture of casein and whey protein. The last couple of weeks, I was tempted to include in the diet little sweet and dairy products.

“I have enough relief” – I said to my conscience frowned. When these thoughts began to spin in my head, I looked at the picture of Steve Holman performing curls with dumbbells, from the “training, nutrition, growth” of the magazine. It was obvious how much he relief. how to get http://www.somanabolicmusclemaximizereviewscam.com/introduction-to-kyle-leon/

The deep depression that separated biceps and triceps brahialis resembled bottomless canyons. Every time I thought I was rather “dry”, I looked at that picture and say to myself, “No, man, you have more work to do.” It was time to come to the studio Mike Neveu, and the next day were appointed Jerry Frederick shooting.