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I was confident that the combination of modern food supplements increase the metabolic rate and removes fat, even though I was not going to go below 3500 calories a day. Competition at the end of my program was not planned, well, thank God although they give a sense of urgency and focus, but do not leave room for error.

Not in the best shape on race day is very bad. Too long in shape, you start to lose muscle? Introduction to Kyle Leon

Vitamins and MineralsTry your luck next time. Instead, my goal was to take a picture of Michael Neveux again, and brought before the lens Jerry Frederick heading for “tough training”.

(Very much I like these tinted photos!) It so happened that on November 5 were outlined shooting commercials belts and gloves for training with weights, and the director wanted me to take part in them. So it’s a number, and the date was scheduled to peak form.

As this process is ended almost without pain?

I must tell you that I have a fast metabolism, as Steve Holman, and usually I do not need aerobics, but not in this case. A few weeks and my stomach swam. We will not discuss what excuses I invented earlier to avoid it on the contrary. you should not miss this

Now I have gained friends through aerobic exercise, and learned to love it. I worked at a ski simulator, all the while listening to the CDs Green Day, burning 500 to 1,000 calories per workout.