Work out carefully before the rods. Perform any exercise for the lower back, as this region will continue to be provided considerable stress. For the same reason, do not forget to do something for the shoulder girdle. On 1 Set hyperextension and tilt forward with a barbell on your shoulders (or just one of these exercises) will prepare to work your lower back, and a light dumbbell work to take care of his shoulders. Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

Thrust rod in the slope – it’s the only known me pulling motion, doing that, you keep the bar as far away from you (about 30 cm from the legs). Therefore, use the wrist strap.

At the initial stage, while you are learning the technical side of exercise, they may not be necessary, but then with increasing weights not do without them. And to exercise to be effective, it is necessary to increase the weight.

If your gym has a rubber-coated wheels for a bar, and use them:

they will reduce stress on the shoulders and elbows. The position of the feet is the same as in any other pulling exercise – shoulder width apart. Start with a very wide grip, if you are able to take up the bar at the very collar, good. 100% money back guarantee

Many people fit grip when the Olympic fretboard thumbs are located at the outer edge of the incision is the same grip that is used for jerks increasing weight; narrow the grip after each successful set.