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The main mistake when training biceps, as well as many other muscles – limited range of motion you limit the movement in flexion, elbow or raise if they set aside too far back and thus not describe a wide arc during the ascent.

When you exercise for the biceps should strictly follow to other muscles not involved in the work. You have to find the right angle to bending movement was at its widest arc. When you do a curl with a barbell or dumbbells, wrist should be raised directly to the shoulders. Become A Muscle Builder

If you deviate from this line at least an inch in either direction, then take off the load from the biceps and will not achieve the desired result. Another mistake is that the movement begins with the wrist: before will involve the biceps, the wrist is bent back, then bent forward.

At the same time subjected to more stress muscles of the forearm, and the result can be a powerful development of the elbow flexors and beam with a mediocre development of the biceps. When bent barbell wrist remains stationary, but bending with dumbbells allow you to rotate the wrist. Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

When curls reverse grip hand is raised, palm down, as if the hands are turned back side first, then the burden falls equally on the biceps and forearms. Different types of equipment will make a variety of training biceps.