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The danger here is both physical and psychological. Too tight wrapping leads to internal damage during operation of the joint itself and may even damage the muscle. Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

In addition, the habit of sometimes makes the person dependent on the presence of this winding and does not work without it. In fact, for most – it’s just a tool for relaxation. They allow the passage of the weakest in the squat (lower) point and thus make it possible to load more weight.

The key to this is:

•    Harnesses should take high-quality and flexible;
•    Joints should be pre-stretch and warm up;
•    Less than 80% of the maximum load they are not used;
•    As a rule, are not tightly wound;
•    Do not wind them longer than one series;
•    Not to do so, if your knees hurt, and do not eliminate the pain with simple analgesics.

Which take the weight?

First, take a smaller load, in order to properly learn the mechanics of movement, for example, about 25% of body weight. For example, will the Olympic standard 45-pound vulture without any cargo. 100% money back guarantee

Only after improving the mechanics add weights and do it slowly and gradually. Do I need a belt with weights? During training, squats – definitely not needed. You’ve got to focus on the correct position of the body, and the belt can only fail.