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It is possible to have certain muscle parts superiority of muscle fibers of one type and the other muscle game again predominance of muscle fibers of the second type with somanabolic muscle maximizer scam by Kyle Leon

If so, it is known, in which body parts are predominantly red muscle fibers and in which white muscle fibers?

How to take into account differences in the ratio of muscle fibers in setting up a training program? Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

Really great number of questions that you will – I hope – after reading the following text alone can answer.

But for us to be closer to these answers, we have a closer look at the structure and construction of the muscle fibers.

White muscle fibers

They have a number of attributes that characterize them: fast contractile, anaerobic, explosive, fast each of these adjectives says something about their properties.

That the situation was not as simple as it a little more complicated, and their division into two subtypes:
Fast (referred to as II b, abbreviation FG) are the fastest and of muscle fibers. Read what he said

They engage in exercise with maximum intensity, which represent a single power output – such as weight lifting, shot put and discus in athletics, power lifting

Short sprints, etc. get their energy exclusively from adenosine (ATP) and creative phosphate (CP) accumulated in the muscle cell with somanabolic muscle maximizer dwonlaod by Kyle Leon