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Now only need to lower the dumbbells at chest level, and then do the reverse movement of the described method. Reduction of the hand lying on a bench with a zero angle using dumbbells, when used in a variety of exercises with dumbbells or blocks between them there are some differences regarding the tactics of implementation. Introduction to Kyle Leon

When working directly with dumbbells do the exercise so that the dumbbells are not mating with each other body of dumbbells at the top to a distance of about 20 cm. This is the way will be the greatest load on the muscles of the chest, if you use blocks and then bring their hands completely in order to achieve the maximum reduction of the same muscles.

Bench in the simulator – Almost all gyms there is a simulator that runs from the chest press. It is only necessary to make sure that you are doing everything that has been described above – do not straighten your elbows and movements should be smooth.

Bench in the simulator, called the Butterfly – A favorite place of exercise most of the athletes is a simulator called Butterfly. Typically, this simulator is presented in a modified form with pads specifically for use on straightened hands or forearms. Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

The main objective of the exercise at this simulator – it’s chest to reveal as much as possible and straighten his shoulders.