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Collagen – For both males and females with age changes the hormonal imbalance. For this reason there is a loss of moisture, drying, and results in wrinkles. Due to aging leads to the loss of collagen and the skin becomes inelastic and wrinkled.
Collagen is a special type of “glue” that keeps the flexibility of the cells of our tissues. Currently, there are our markets numerous dietary supplements that contain collagen. Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

Sun, water, air – Excessive tanning is the greatest enemy that promotes the appearance of wrinkles and causes aging of the skin. If you are going on holiday by the sea, we should leave about a month before taking B complex vitamins and beta – carotene. This will at least reduce the risk of sunburn and provide a uniform tan skin.

Proper and adequate hydration of the skin, improves skin appearance. For this reason, we should drink enough water daily, to complement the lost moisture. Also, sufficient exercise in the fresh air and regular blood flow to the skin has a large impact on its appearance.

Smoking, alcohol and drastic weight loss – Nicotine very negatively affects blood flow and oxygenation of the skin. The skin of smokers has a greyish appearance of premature aging also, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages on the skin negative signs. 100% money back guarantee

Alcohol is the skin dries and expands the blood vessels. Rapid and drastic weight loss causes dullness and unhealthy appearance of our face.