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Goal Setting

Have you ever booked a vacation without you knowing where to go? Or have you got in the car without a purpose?

In most cases, you do not do this and so it is when you want to lose weight. Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

To suddenly start losing weight without clearly knowing why, where and what you want to achieve exactly is asking for trouble.
In the beginning it may well be because it is new and you immediately notice what result. But after a while you notice that your healthy intentions slowly beaches.

This does not mean you want it less or do not have perseverance, this only means that you have beaten on the first step. It is not said in vain: “a good preparation is half the battle”, or as I myself always say “no final destination you do not know which road to take you there.”

Be concrete

For example, when you know you want to go to France, is not all that. You know which area you want and sometimes precisely the place. Even with weight loss, it is important to be.

As specific as possible Decide before you start your weight loss goal (s). And this is more than just “I want to lose weight 5 kg.” What happens because when you’re actually lost 5 kg? Are you satisfied? Introduction to Kyle Leon

What does the 5 kg weight loss for you? That you dare bikini without shame? That you can run with your child again? You finally fit your favorite pants again?