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Make your home smoking: throw cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters away

Tell family and friends that you are going to stop here and ask for help (for example by not smoking in your presence) them you.
Prick the date on which you are going to quit smoking. Become A Muscle Builder
Make sure you do not have parties or other special occasions around this date. Preferably choose a date other than January 1, quitting smoking can at every moment.

The real work

With proper preparation you then go really working:

On their own is very difficult to stop. Are not so easy to change habits and nicotine is a very addictive. Therefore, use of aids such as nicotine substitutes.

These allow your body slowly adjust to ever-smaller amounts of nicotine. Certain medications can reduce the craving for nicotine

Learn to deal with stress, you always used to handle stress in a cigarette, looking now other ways to relax, such as a massage, take a warm bath or go to the sauna

Search distraction in the first weeks. Your hand feels unsettled by the lack of a cigarette, take a pen in hand. Do you feel restless, go a little run. Try not to fall into old habits, but try to replace them with new activities such habits

Do not really want to stop fearing to arrive. Many smokers While it is partly true that one can arrive when you stop smoking, a number of pounds this is in practice with it. Who is Kyle Leon?

Try to eat as healthy as possible and replace the cigarette moments at least not by eating occasions, looking here distractions or eat healthy snacks